Oct. 24, Metro NY Region Elim Fall Conference, Mt. Bethel, PA

Posted on October 26, 2015 by Bob Sorge

Friday: Today I am flying to JFK, and then traveling by car to Mt. Bethel, PA. The event bringing me to the area is the Metro NY Region Elim Fall Conference, an annual retreat for the pastors and leaders in the greater NY City area who are related to Elim Fellowship. (Elim is my ordaining organization.) We will overnight in Mt. Bethel, then the conference will be held on Saturday. Then we’ll drive back to NYC Saturday evening, I will lodge Saturday overnight at my host’s home, and then he’ll take me to a nearby Elim church for a Sunday noon service. Then to JFK for the return home.

Saturday 2:30 p.m.: The Lord’s grace was strong this morning. I went into it feeling somewhat weak about what I had prepared, but the Lord stepped in, and the impartation was strong. “The Power of an Unfulfilled Promise.” A promise from God is a ticking bomb. The bigger the bomb…

Next: Tomorrow I am speaking at a church in Ozone Park, NY called God’s House of Healing and Restoration. The pastors are here at this event, and the pastor ran the sound for me this morning. So we’ve already met and connected and now are looking forward to sharing in the word tomorrow. This retreat has a couple sessions this afternoon, but I am back in my room to rest, and to prepare for tomorrow (I still haven’t found clarity for tomorrow’s message). After supper here at the retreat center in PA tonight, we will drive back to my host’s home in NYC. Tomorrow’s service at God’s House of Healing and Restoration starts at noon. Then I have a 5 p.m. departure out of JFK.