Feb. 21, Chueum Church, Bucheon, Korea

Posted on February 29, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Friday: This morning I am making my way to Seoul, Korea (via Tokyo). I am returning to the conference where I ministered last year, called the Last Runner Conference. And am speaking in a couple churches on the weekends surrounding the conference. Here’s the ministry schedule at a glance:

Sunday: Chueum Church, Bucheon

Mon-Thurs: Last Runner Conference, Seoul

Sat-Sun: The Cross Church, Seoul

Jaye Thomas was there with me last year, and is returning with me again this year, big smile.

I am aware of needing the strength and help of your prayers. I am unsettled and unprepared on at least four of the upcoming sessions, which means I will be seeking the Lord as the week progresses for clarity on the direction to take in each session. Thank you for pushing in the Holy Spirit!

First up is a 2:30 p.m. service on Sunday at a church in Bucheon, which is in the metro Seoul area. It is a young adult service.

Sunday evening: The trip to Korea was good, except that my rose was runny and I didn’t feel so good. And we had a 2-hour delay taking off from Tokyo because of heavy rain. But all in all, it was a good trip. My host, Paul, collected me at 12:45 pm today and drove me to the church in Bucheon. He is also my interpreter for the week. I spoke on the book of Habakkuk, going through the book and laying out its message. Paul did an excellent job of translation. I have no idea what significance or relevance the message had for the young people, but felt constrained of the Lord to stay on course. Afterwards they treated me to a lovely Korean dinner.

I am grateful that I’ve only had to use a few Kleenexes today, the nose is quieting down. On the hour drive back to the hotel, I ended up napping during most of the commute. We’re doing the jet lag thing here, smile.

We will be collected tomorrow (Monday) at noon. We are checking out of our hotel here, and being relocated to a dormitory that is by the conference venue. We will return to this hotel Thursday night once the conference is over. By “we,” I am referring to Jaye Thomas and Richard Town, who are here from IHOPKC and ministering with me this week. I will be speaking for the next four evenings at the Last Runner Conference. So the next meeting is Monday night.