Aug. 1, Teen Challenge National Conference, Denver, CO;

Posted on August 02, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Sunday afternoon: I’m writing from the Denver Doubletree, where I am getting ready for the Teen Challenge National Conference. Teen Challenge gathers its leaders once a year, and this year they chose Denver for their meeting location. All meetings will be held in this hotel. Things launch with tonight’s 6:30 p.m. service. I will take in tonight’s service, and then will prepare to speak twice tomorrow. Alan and Jean Denney are personal friends who live in CO, and they are coming over today to help me by running my book table at this event. They’ll be with me from this afternoon until Monday late afternoon when I leave for the airport. 

My connection with TC is through a brother named Duane Henders, who is the TC Director for Latin America and the Caribbean. He has family in Lees Summit, and so we have had time in the past to connect in personal fellowship. Duane has appreciated my Secrets book a lot, and in turn passed it along to Joe Batluck, the US Director. Joe also connected with the book, and since this year’s theme is on prayer, Joe asked me to come and be one of the speakers at this year’s event. This is a tremendous honor for me, to contribute to a ministry built on the shoulders of Dave Wilkerson. 

In the morning session I’m speaking on Secrets of the Secret Place. In the afternoon session, I’m speaking on Unrelenting Prayer (Luke 18 parable). 

Monday 5:10 pm: The Lord helped me with today’s sessions. I struggled with my voice and with the sound system, but managed to get through, and the word of the Lord was delivered. This was a fantastic group of heroes gathered, on the front lines making a difference in our nation and world. I was so honored to minister to them! Now I am asking the Lord for the seeds to bear good, eternal fruit.