Aug. 4-5, Alive Worship School, House of Bread, Sacramento, CA

Posted on August 08, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Thursday: I have a 5:45 a.m. departure today for Sacramento CA (via Salt Lake City), and hence a very early morning. The event in Sacramento is called the Alive Worship School, operated by Yuri Litvin of Seattle who has become a good friend. Yuri serves at a Russian speaking church in Seattle, and had me join him in Seattle last year for this event. This year, he is taking it to a Russian speaking church in Sacramento (House of Bread). I am scheduled to speak Thursday morning/afternoon, Friday morning, and Friday night. Then I take a Friday midnight flight to my next destination. (El Salvador)

I’ll be working with a Russian translator at this event, and most of the folks in attendance will be coming from Russian-speaking churches (Sacramento has quite a few of those). Most of them are fluent in English, but they still use translators for that small percentage who need the help. 

Thursday:  I did a workshop on “worship in spirit and truth.” This is an eager group. They have come from several states, and a handful of nations, to be part of this week long school. They are really ready to go there! So I had am having a marvelous time with them.

Friday 6 pm: Excellent session this morning. Some area pastors joined the Worship Alive School students, and I spoke on Envy. The Lord’s grace was very evident in the teaching. At the close, about half the room came forward to express their consecration to the Lord. The Lord’s presence was strong and meaningful. 

I’ve also enjoyed the treat, while here, of fellowship with Joseph and Tosha Zwangziger. They serve at the Father’s House in Vacaville, and came over as part of the faculty for this event. Joseph is working on a chapter of my third edition of Exploring Worship, which I am in process of revamping right now. (If only I could find time!) Fabulous friends.

Friday 10:30 p.m.: The Lord helped me tonight. I had only an hour, and since I was using a translator, that meant my actual speaking time was very short. So I cut large portions of the message out in the moment. But I believe the Lord helped me, and I think the message still was cohesive and focused. On following the river of God in worship. The altar filled in the end with those involved in worship ministry, and they eagerly gave themselves to the Lord. I had to go directly from my closing prayer to the car that was waiting to whisk me away, but as I left it seemed that there was strength of Spirit in the congregation.