Nov. 3-5, Cornerstone Church, Grafton WI

Posted on November 06, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Friday: Today I’m flying to Milwaukee, and then driving to a retreat center in WI. I’m joining Cornerstone Church in Grafton, WI for a church retreat at a conference center in Green Lake, WI. It’s my first time to be with this group of saints. I’m scheduled to speak Friday night, twice on Saturday, and then we’ll return to Grafton for their regular Sunday morning service. “Revive” theme. Most of their church is attending this retreat, awesome.

Friday night: Tonight was the retreat’s opening session. I spoke on coming into intimacy with God through the blood of Christ. It seemed to be a good start. 

Saturday noon: Excellent session this morning. This morning I’m starting to hear feedback, and it seems there is strong edification happening in the messages. I’m so grateful to the Lord for His help!

Saturday night: In the concluding session of our retreat tonight, I spoke on the power of promise. I crafted the message just for this retreat. I don’t know how relevant it was to the folks in the group, but it was a delight to my soul both to prepare and deliver the message. A promise from God puts chutzpah in your soul!

Sunday morning we’ll have breakfast here at the retreat center, then drive the 1.5 to 2 hours back to Grafton, and enjoy a Sunday morning celebration service together at 10:30 a.m. After the service I’ll go straight to the airport for my 2:30 pm departure. 

Sunday afternoon: Had a marvelous morning service. At the close I invited folks to come forward if they wanted a touchpoint of prayer with me (I would lay hands and agree with them), and a long line filled the front of the altar. Later, I learned from the pastor that they don’t normally practice this as a church, and he was thinking nobody was going to come forward. But to our surprise, the front filled with eager responders. Part of their openness to respond was because we had been together at the retreat and a bond had already been formed between us. So it was a sweet time of response and sense of the Lord’s presence in the midst of the family.