Oct. 14-15, Victory Worship Center, Sulphur, LA

Posted on October 16, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: Greetings from Sulphur, LA. Turns out I had to fly here last night in order to be here for the Saturday service because flights to Lake Charles LA are few and far between. So I’m hanging in Sulphur today, preparing for two services — tonight and tomorrow morning. This is my first time to Victory Worship Center. I met the pastors this summer because they attended an event in Dallas where I ministered. Great people! I’m looking forward to being with them! My host, pastor Jodi, was recently handed the baton by his father. His father is still in the congregation, I believe, but has given the reins to his son. Sounds like wisdom. 

Saturday 9:30 pm: Tonight’s gathering was mostly from the sponsoring church, but several other churches were also represented in the group. There was an excellent spirit in the midst, and an atmosphere in which it was very easy to minister. They came hungry, and I believe left with a deposit from heaven. 

Sunday 4:15 pm: Greetings from Lake Charles airport, where I’m waiting for Security to open. Had a marvelous time this morning with this church family. This church is a lighthouse and lamp stand in this region, and it’s a privilege to sow into the great soil here. Strong anointing, strong release of grace through the word and the Spirit. My heart and family just got larger, smile.