Oct. 6-8, Eternal Life Assembly of God, Singapore

Posted on October 09, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Today I’m on a bit of a trip, flying to Singapore. I left our house at 5:15 a.m. today, and will arrive Singapore Thursday midnight as the Lord helps. My hostess is a sister who hosted me for a worship event a good number of years ago, she has had changes in her life, and is now worship pastor at Eternal Life Assembly of God in Singapore. She has pulled together a worship weekend, drawing on a network of several small churches with whom she has connections, so it sounds like 150-200 people may be gathering for this Friday/Saturday worship seminar. I will stay over to minister Sunday at her church as well, speak Sunday evening to a tiny group at another church, and then return home Monday. So my speaking schedule is Friday night, twice on Saturday, and twice on Sunday.

Friday midnight: Tonight’s service was graced of the Lord. He helped me in the delivery, and the response time around the altar at the end was very heartfelt, reaching out for all of God. A great start. I have an early start tomorrow, so am off to bed.

Saturday afternoon: The Lord’s presence was sweet and strong during this morning’s session. I enjoyed watching Him touch His people. Afterwards I was treated to lunch — chicken and rice, a very Singaporean dish — by some friends whose friendship I’ve enjoyed through the years. Followed by a nap that dealt a mighty blow to jet lag pangs. Now I’m waiting to be collected for this evening’s session.

Sunday 4:00 pm: Saturday night was the closing session of the conference. I spoke on the secret place. Meaningful, significant, challenging. A good closing. Then on Sunday morning I spoke on having confidence to draw near to God because of the sprinkled blood of Christ. It was a great capstone to an excellent weekend. My heart is glad and grateful to God.

I brought the new RESET book with me to Singapore, it was my first chance to make it available because the books arrived just this past week. And I was encouraged by the interest in the book. I thought I had brought too many, but turns out they scooped them all up and wanted even more. So I’m encouraged by what seems to be initial interest in the book.