Oct 25, Casa de Oração Liberdade Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Tuesday 6:30 pm: I’m in downtown Rio de Janeiro, and waiting for our ride to come collect us. Victor and I went across the street and checked out a very stunning Presbyterian church right here in the center of downtown. Amazing marble pillars and fabulous design. Then we grabbed supper at a street cafe, just fabulous. My heart is also broken by the broken lives that live on the street here, sleeping on the park benches. Sin is such a prison. I feel so powerless to help, my heart is reaching out to God. Now we’re looking forward to tonight’s meeting, which is scheduled for 8 pm I believe. 

Wednesday 9:30 am: Amazing meeting last night. My host was Michael at the Rio house of prayer which is located near Rio’s downtown, but they took last night’s meeting to a church on the NW side of the metroplex. It was a night to raise funds for the Rio house of prayer, which is in the process of seeking to purchase the building in which they now meet. They put a registration fee on the event, for fundraising purposes, and so expected a smaller response. Everyone was suprised by the turnout of around 500 people. People came from all over, and they estimated 30-40 pastors in the crowd. The room was full, the energy and engagement was high, and the response to the word was sincere. Everyone seemed real pleased with what the Lord brought together. I’ve been a little surprised on this trip to learn of the entrance the Portuguese translation of Secrets has found here in Brazil. It seems the book has been widely and warmly received. 

Now Victor (from Vitoria, who translated me last night) and I are at the Rio airport, waiting for our flight to board. We are connecting through Sao Paulo to get to Florianopolis. We didn’t get much sleep last night, but our hearts are happy. And now I’m looking forward to being with my friends, Dwayne and Jennifer Roberts, and seeing the work they have established in Brazil’s south (fhop.com). Florianopolis is located on an island, it gets quite cold in winter, and is a tourist destination in summer. A strong local church and missions base have been established there in just a few years by the Roberts’. We have meetings scheduled for tonight (Wed) and tomorrow night (Thurs). Then Friday I make the trek home.