Oct 26-27, Florianopolis House Of Prayer, Florianopolis, Brazil

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Thursday 10:00 a.m.: Our first service last night was very blessed of the Lord. The room was packed, with a ton of young people in the room—which just jazzes me all the more. It’s the generation that I love most to impart to. They hung on every word. I spoke on being a friend of the bridegroom, and the Lord helped us all to be challenged and provoked by His heart. He’s looking for friends! 

I’m lodged in the home of my hosts, Dwayne and Jennifer Roberts. I have commandeered Elijah’s bedroom, it’s very nice, with its own private bathroom. Yesterday was drizzly and overcast, today is still cloudy but the clouds are higher, and warmer temps are scheduled, I think we’re to get up to 79 today. The palm trees around here tell you that it doesn’t fall below freezing in the winter. And yet you don’t have the extreme heat of other parts of Brazil in the summer. So it really is a lovely resort area, and everything around here testifies to that. I had a delightful prayer walk this morning, perfect temps for shorts and a t-shirt. Now I’m leaving with Dwayne to do some video footage, and then from there to a Brazillian BBQ. Yes folks, I’m suffering for Jesus here. 

Thursday noon: This morning we went to the church and recorded 3 short clips for youtube distribution. Three interviews, Dwayne interviewing me. They will add Portuguese captions, and then upload them to youtube.  

Thursday 3:00 pm: We’re back now from feasting at a Brazilian churrascaria. (Where they bring out various cuts of meet to your table, on skewers or swords.) We’re stuffed to the rafters now. I feel a coma coming on, smile. 

Friday 1:00 pm: Greetings from the Florianopolis airport, where I am checked in and waiting for my return trip to launch. Florianopolis-SaoPaulo-Houston-Kansas City. If all is timely, I should get home by 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. The itinerary necessitated a 7-hour layover in Sau Paulo, but I’ll be able to work. Last night’s service was very good. Another great turnout, and the Lord’s presence was delightful. The saints of Brazil are so eager in their responsiveness to the Lord, it really is delightful to the heart. I felt warmly received, and sensed a sincere desire for me to return—if I would bring Marci with me, that is. Smile. 

Next up: This Sunday I’m speaking in my home church, Forerunner Christian Fellowship in Kansas City. When Mike Bickle saw my book on the Lord’s chastening, he asked me to bring that message on a Sunday morning. This was the weekend we were able to find together. So I’ll be speaking at the two Sunday morning services on chastening. Mike is brave—I really don’t ever get pastors saying to me, “Please come and speak on this topic.” I appreciate the sobriety of spirit that Mike carries, and the appreciation he has for the judgments and disciplines of the Lord. Just another reason why we feel at home where we are.