Secrets of the Secret Place HARDCOVER LEGACY EDITION

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Secrets of the Secret Place is finally available in Hardcover! Plus, it’s in the Legacy Edition. We’re not going public with this for several months, but Bob has rewritten the entire book and produced this Legacy Edition. He worked many hours to make the book more reader friendly. A little bit of content was removed, and a little bit of new content added, but for the most part it’s the same message but easier to read. Bob felt that the book was important enough that it deserved to be strengthened and polished for posterity.

You’ll find this new edition more delightful to read and you’ll want to share it with even more people. If you have the First Edition of Secrets and have enjoyed it, you’re definitely going to want to get this new Hardcover Legacy Edition.

Secrets of the Secret Place is a timeless classic on our devotional prayer life, and this Hardcover Legacy Edition makes it even more timeless. This book is unparalleled in fueling passion for our quiet time with God. It defuses common struggles, equips, and inspires fervency for Jesus. 52 short chapters. Even if you have the first edition, get this revised Legacy Edition! 

The paperback of this Legacy Edition will be released in 2021.  

Pages: 224  

Free Chapters: 

Read Chapter 1, Read Chapter 2

Companion Study Guide:
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