Kneel again in blood and water, and revisit the hill where the two of you first met. Understand the great paradox of the cross—He suffered so we never have to, and He suffered to show us how. His cross will make sense of your sufferings. Your faith will be strengthened as you believe God for your own resurrection! 

This is the most profound writing on the cross I have ever read. The magnitude of this book is almost beyond my ability to describe—it’s a treasure of truth.
Don Wilkerson, Founder, Teen Challenge  

208 pages, 24 chapters  

Each chapter has study questions for discipleship groups 

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Also, here are some sound bite excerpts:

When the cross is before us, there’s no place else to look.

If they take everything else from us but leave us with the cross, it’s enough.

The way to the Father is as narrow as the wood on which Christ was crucified.

The best songs about the cross have yet to be written.

What other religion brags on the death of its leader? 

Jesus, mark me with Your love. Take a nail, dip it in blood, and write Your name on my heart.

His love for you is so strong it killed Him. He died just for you, and He meant for you to take it personally.

I drew His blood, and then He washed me with it.

The cross was so dreadfully stark because sin is so dreadfully dark.

Money got Jesus crucified. When you handle it, let your hands tremble and your lips quiver.

There are some things about Jesus that can’t be known apart from adversities.

Sometimes I wonder if we bear a stronger resemblance to Barabbas than Jesus. While Christ is being impaled to God’s will, we’re on a liberation romp.

The cross is never meant to be your last chapter!

We don’t learn about the cross academically in a library, but experientially in the lab of life.

Suffering and intimacy kiss at the cross. Who would even want to arrive at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb without any scars?

Calvary was the marathon; the resurrection was the awards ceremony.

On the cross, Jesus earned our salvation.

Let’s be blunt about it, trials are hard work.

The cross was Jesus laboring for His certification as the Captain of our salvation.

Satan was more bloodied by the cross than Jesus Christ.

He had to win it in prayer before He could win it on the cross.

Enemies of the cross are believing unbelievers who see the cross as Jesus’ best way forward but not their own.

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