//Secrets of a Fruitful Heart: DISCIPLESHIP MANUAL//

This DISCIPLESHIP MANUAL accompanies Bob’s new release, Secrets of a Fruitful Heart. Bob wrote the BOOK and DISCIPLESHIP MANUAL simultaneously, side by side. This DISCIPLESHIP MANUAL makes the parable of the sower a useful resource for discipleship ministries globally. When both books are used together, you have a practical tool for making disciples Jesus’ way. The parable of the sower is Jesus’ template for making disciples.  

120 pages          

Bob is lit up over the parable of the sower, and he’s written this curriculum to awaken you to the greatest parable of all time. You can use this curriculum in your discipleship ministry over and over. Build your entire discipleship curriculum around this parable!

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Each chapter in the Manual has two sections in it: Self-Reflection Questions, and Small Group Discussion questions. To see a sample chapter, click here.

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Type: Book

Vendor: Oasis House

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