Dec. 21-22, EXJ Youth Explosion, Mexico City, Mexico

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Bob Sorge

Tuesday 9:30 a.m.: Greetings from my hotel room, where I will be hanging today until I am collected at 4:30 p.m. Because of the language barrier, there’s little sense in my attempting to take in other sessions earlier today, so I will go in time for my 5:30 pm session today. We had 2 sessions last night to launch this event. At 5:30 pm Ithiel spoke, a young evangelist from Spain (I met him when I was there 2 weeks ago) who is extremely popular as a conference speaker. He spoke on Abraham and Isaac, and how true worshipers will offer up the thing that is most precious to them, rather than making an idol of their Isaac. Then I spoke on an eye covenant. They had a change of facility for this event, and this new facility seems to be working OK, except that it is long and narrow. The people seated in the back are REALLY in the back. The place was crammed with about 3000 young people last night, and they were estimating that yet another 500 pre-registered people will be showing up today, and they’re trying to figure out where to put them. (they had to stop accepting registrations, a great problem to have, smile) The nature of the seating configuration meant that some people in the back didn’t even attempt to get to the front to respond to the messages brought. There’s strong energy in the Spirit at this event, everyone seems real ready for everything God wants to do. A precious time, with precious people!

Tuesday 11:30 p.m.: Had a marvelous session this afternoon. I spoke on the cross, and showed The Passion DVD on the screen behind me as I spoke. Then we ended with Communion. A powerful time. I posted a clip of the hall on my public figure FB page. I have an early morning, 6 a.m. hotel shuttle to the airport. Then Saturday off to West Haven, CT.